Hello and welcome!  You've reached www.creebobby.com, home of Jacob Borshard's music and art.  You
can download both Jacob's albums (songs for a small stereo and the last brontosaurus) by clicking on
the music link above.  Thanks!
Creebobby the Platypus, Esq.

I did two interviews this week!  One is at
austinist.com and the other for ukulelehunt.com!
The first features my art and the second features my music.
The complete '80's Ukiyo-e' show is up in the art section.  Isn't it nice how Ukiyo-e and Ukulele sound
very much the same?
Click on the picture for Jacob's new album, 'A Glow In the Dark'.  
11-23-08 - I've changed two tracks on 'A Glow In the Dark'!  'Pigeons Blood' is replaced with
an alternate version. 'And You Knew' is now 1:30 longer, with a suped-up electric tail end.